Intranets and Client Portals
Easily keep in touch with employees and clients with an intranet or client portal.

Imagine Easy and Fast Interaction with Employees and Clients

Immediate interaction with company employees and customers is tantamount to doing business in today’s world. Technological advances make it possible for a company to allow its staff to work independently in different locations and communicate with customers at any given point in time.

Optimize Workforce Communication through Company Intranet
Big Idea Creations develops user-based company intranets that improve communication and productivity with employees. With Big Idea Creations, you can easily communicate with employees, share notes and files, collaborate on projects, manage employee or team tasks and so much more to optimize output. Our company intranets are easy to use and manage.

Stay Connected to Your Customers and Vendors through Client Portals
Client portals make it possible for you to interact with clients in a secure setting to share information and files, have conversations and even place orders. Business becomes more effective and efficient.

 Customize Your Intranets and Client Portals
Big Idea Creations designs customized intranets and client portals with your logo, URL, a secure log-in, and your industry’s terminology throughout the entire site. Portals are developed to be operational across all devices.

Big Idea Creations Intranets and Portals Provides:

  • Compliance Integration
  • Streamlined Corporate Communication
  • Forums and Blogs
  • Client Invoices
  • Meeting and Appointment Management
  • Third Party Integration
  • Document Management
  • Company Directories
  • Secure Platform
  • Easy, Quick Sign-On
  • Cross-Selling Modules
  • Event Calendars

Get started today with a corporate intranet or client portal.