The Value in Hiring a Professional

The Value in Hiring a Professional


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard companies give the “Oh just set up a basic website for me and I can take it from there” speech. Quite often these companies call back in a few weeks, frustrated and have made no headway in their website development.

There are so many factors that go into a website and it all matters; from layout to colors to content. Too much? Too little? Can your prospects or clients find what they are looking for? And then there’s optimization, analytics and SEO. Once you have all of those challenges tackled, you have to make sure the website looks it’s best no matter what the device. How does it look on an iPhone 5s? What about a Galaxy Note? Wait, did your ‘Get Started Now’ button just disappear?

Gone are the days of just throwing up your logo and product information so you look legitimate online. If you live in the corporate world and have a product or service to offer, it’s time to enter the big leagues.

It’s Design, Not Content That’s King

There was a research study done entitled “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites” where users were asked which factors influenced their decisions when browsing health websites. Virtually all of the comments described by users as to why they mistrusted a website were based on design elements, compared to the very small number of comments that were based on actual content. The majority of those comments pointed to busy layouts, pop up ads, hard to read print, boring design and slow load times.

May have spend time and money to on the best content in your industry, but if users don’t take the time to read it because of poor design, what’s the point?
A Well Designed Website and SEO

Having a well-designed responsive website now affects where you show up in search engines. Google announced in 2015 that they are changing their algorithm to reward mobile-friendly websites. What this means is if you’re website is mobile friendly, you will appear higher in search engine results. They even have a Mobile-Friendly Test for those of you who are brave enough to test your website.

Making sure your website is truly responsive should be an important factor in search engine optimization.

The User Experience

One of the most important aspects of a corporate website is a good interface design. In other words, how quickly can users find the things they need within your website without getting frustrated, hitting the back button a million times or even worse, leaving your website altogether. A professional web designer knows not only how to create easy to use navigation with a simple and clean layout, but how to make users aware of other products and services you offer.


There are so many tools on the market today that allow you to create your corporate website, however if you want to complete with the big boys and bring the best return on investment, hire a professional.